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New product – AUAV3

Hi guys,

Phillip Kocmoud and I are proud to announce the third generation open source, MatrixPilot based flight controller – AUAV3. We will also be releasing concurrently an external power supply / current and voltage sensor board – ACSP1. The initial batch for development and testing will be ready in a week or two. We expect to be shipping these out on or before March 1st from both the US and European locations.

Some of the AUAV3 features:

*     MCU – dsPIC33EP512MU810
*     Onboard 32Mb Flash AT45DB321
*     Onboard IMU – MPU6000
*     Onboard compass – HMC5883
*     Onboard absolute pressure sensor – BMP180
*     Onboard CAN – MAX3051
*     Two opto-isolated UARTs – for OSD and Telemetry
*     One non-isolated UART
*     One I2C and one SPI user interfaces
*     8xRC inputs, 8 servo outputs
*     RSSI input
*     USB
*     4 x Analog inputs
*     3 x Digital I/Os
*     Universal GPS 4pin 2.54 connector
*     ICSP 5pin connector
*     4 x LEDs red, blue, green and yellow

Onboard Power supply

*     Main power – external 5V
*     Onboard 3.3V 1A LDO regulator
*     Optional BackUp power – 1xLi-Po or 4xNiMH or other 5V
*     ESC powering capability
*     Preferable power supply – ACSP1 ( Current/Voltage sensor board + 5V3A DC-DC Buck )

Dimensions and additional extras

*     Dimensions and weight – 45 x 35mm , 12.74 grams
*     Two types of connectors – 2 x 3row x 14pin 2.54mm right angled or separate straight color coded connectors
*     USB port for future use – programming, etc.
*     CAN interface with driver MAX3051
*     ESD protection on I2C, USB and SPI
*     Reverse power polarity protection by power MOSFET

The documentation will be posted here in a few days.

To have the AUAV3 complete solution you will require the ACSP1 – current voltage sensor + DC-DC 5V 3A Buck power supply or alternative one.

Some of the ACSP1 features:

*     Dimensions – 30 x 26mm
*     Onboard Current and Voltage sensor
*     Onboard 90A alloy shunt
*     Onboard 5V 3A 1MHz DC-DC Buck
*     90A current capability
*     2-4 Li-Po ( up to 20V )
*     A heat shrinkable tube for board protection
*     22AWG x 4 + 2.54mm 1×4 connector for powering the AUAV3

Orders could be placed at (Wordwide) and (North America).

Let the fun begin!

Regards from Nick Arsov and Phill Kocmoud

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