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AUAV-X2 autopilot



We are proud to introduce the Arsov AUAV X2 (PX4 Inspired and Compatible). After waiting several months for a specific component, we decided to resign the board and replace that hard to source component with a suitable replacement. It is built upon the lessons learned from the X1 boards. This board is compatible with the PX4 firmware and the new larger mIMU v2 daughter boards allows for much larger number of Gyro and Accelerometer options in the future. Our goal was to product a high quality, compact, light weight and cost effective alternative to the PX4 V2 or PixHawk autopilots.

STM32F427VIT6 ARM microcontroller

STM32F100C8T6 ARM microcontroller

ST Micro L3GD20 / ST Micro LSM303D / Invensense MPU 6000

MEAS MS5611 barometer

Two versions of power supply:

1. AUAV-X2 regular is based on TPS63061 DC-DC Buck-Boost

The TPS63061 device provides a power supply solution for products powered by either three-cell up to six-cell alkaline, NiCd or NiMH battery, or a one-cell or dual-cell Li-Ion or Li-polymer battery. Output currents can go as high as 2A while using a dual-cell Li-Ion or Li-Polymer Battery, and discharge it down to 5V or lower. So you can connect a 2 cell Li-Po directly to the AUAV X2, and run it completely flat before brownout. Since it’s a buck-boost converter, you can also power from a 5V BEC while still in regulation.

2. AUAV-X2Q ( quiet ) is without TPS63061. It must be powered from an external source between 5.3VDC and 5.5VDC.


3 x UART

1 x CAN

1 x I2C

1 x SPI

2 x ADC

8 x PWM Receiver Inputs

8 Spare IO Pins

2 x JTAG connection specifically for the TC2030-CTX-NL 6-Pin cable

micro SD card holder

micro USB connector

Please read the manual here

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Main Board Design Files

mIMU Board Design Files