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ACSP3 – current/voltage sensor with dual interface

Hi guys,

I and Phil Kocmoud are proud to announce the new ACSP3 – current/voltage sensor with analog and I2C interface.

Here are some device features:

  • Vin max = 42VDC ( 10S )
  • Ishunt current = 90A
  • Vout = 5.3V
  • Ioutmax = 2.25A with 2.5A burst
  • Ultra low noise/ripple <10mV
  • Analog + I2C interface
  • Dimensions – 30x30mm

The new current/voltage sensor uses INA169 for analog current readings and dual I2C ADC for digital readings. The ultra low noise DC-DC Buck ( LT8609 ) makes the device one of the most silent. The board comes with 2×4 0.1″ presoldered header.

A simple Arduino code attached showing an example of I2C voltage data readings.

IMG_2220 IMG_2221  ACSP3_scope01


Here is a good practice example for soldering the (-) wire without cutting.