Arsov RC Technology



MatrixPilot – The noncompiled firmware files. The HELP file for compilling the files could be found here.


The AUAV1 is inserted into the MatrixPilot files pack ! A simple and convenient way to download and always have the latest version of MatrixPilot stable files pack is TortoiseSVN. Please do read the tutorial there.

2. AGPS PA6C MT3339

You can download the firmware flashing tool from here . Please do read the README_FIRST file and the PDF documentation on how to flash the GPS. The latest bin file ( GPS firmware ) can be downloaded from here – AXN2.10_5173_3339_384.1151100.1.bin

3. AUAV3 bootloader

You can download the bootloader hex file from here .

Working with the bootloader is easy:

1. Rename the file “MatrixPilot-AUAV3.hex” file to “image.hex”;
2. Power down the AUAV3;
3. Shorten PGC to GND ( pins 3 and 5 of the ICSP header ). You can use a bind plug for this purpose;
4. Connect the miniUSB cable between your PC and your AUAV3, the BLUE and GREEN LEDs will start flashing;
5. Once in bootload mode, copy the “image.hex” file into the AUAV3 dataflash filesystem;
6. The bootloader will automatically detect the image file, program the internal dsPIC memory, erase the image file and finally jump to the new code;
7. Remove the short from PGC to GND or the bind plug.

P.S. Since Jan 2014, all AUAV3 will be flashed with the bootloader!